The Queen of Pin-Ups.

After looking at Dita Von Teese, I thought I should quickly mention one of her main idols, the notorious Betty Page.

Betty Page was one of the very first fetish/bondage pin-ups – and was frowned upon, even though she was actually quite tame in her imagery. She was however very inspirational to fasion in the 50’s, and a lot of modern designers who look for a ‘vintage’ style are influenced by photos of her. She also is a cult icon, and has been called the ‘Queen of Pin-ups’ by many.

Her long black hair, with the cropped fringe has also been a cultural icon, examples can be found in a lot of ‘Goth’ hairstyles, fasion and artwork – such as ‘Emily Strange’

Author/Illustrator Dave Stevens also did a lot of drawings of Betty Page, and in his cult comic book series/graphic novel, The Rocketeer –  the hero’s girlfriend was modelled after Betty Page.

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