As a bit more research into Broadway productions I watched the 1972 movie adaption of Cabaret, directed by Bob Fosse and the creators of the stage show. A brief outline is that Sally Bowles, an American singer in 1930’s Berlin, falls in love with bi-sexual Brian. They are both then seduced by a rich playboy. Sally becomes pregnant, and Brian offers to marry her… all the characters are linked by the Kit-Kat club, a nightspot where Sally sings. There were a lot of these underground, more risqué entertainment clubs during the 30, 40s and 50’s and feature alot in broadway – such as Guys and Dolls, with the Hot Box Club, and Chicago – with various night clubs, as well as films such as Moulin Rouge.

Some posters and stills from the film Cabaret, as well as other photos of stage productions of the famous show. I love the style of the film and I think that the posters are cool, I like the stylised realism used to depict Liza Minnelli, and I think that the text is also quite quirky. The costumes in the show/film are amazing as well.

There are also some clips from the film available on Youtube, the following are two of my favourite songs from the film.

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