Guys and Dolls

In the group we looked into Frank Sinatra’s acting career and decided to get some of his films out to watch. We settled on Guys and Dolls, Young at Heart, and The Manchurian Candidate. There definitely wasn’t much that was helpful in the latter two, but Guys and Dolls had some interesting points we found.

The introductory credits to the film are very interesting, with the credits appearing over the top of posters, which gave us some ideas for our project.

I quite like the blocky layout of the title in the poster above, and the style of drawing in the foreign poster below is quite nice too. I also really like the dice pattern it has.

I think the main thing from the film that stuck out to me however was the broadway aspect that it has. One scene in particular, “Pet Me Poppa” set in the Hot Box Club – in which Viviane Blaine and the Goldwyn Girls are on stage dressed as cats, stood out to me alot as I quite liked the scene visually [the song made my ears want to fall off], because of the kind of ‘cabaret’/night club feel it has.

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