The Brief…

“Music, rather like food, is something, we as humans, can’t live without.  It forms a universal language all of its own and as with food, can be a reflection on the country of origin, era, sociodemographic and other associated influences.

Working in groups of four throughout the duration of the unit, you are asked to respond to one of the following genres of music, which will be determined by a random selection process –

Charlie Parker – Jazz

Robert Johnson – Blues

Supremes – Motown/Soul

Elvis Presley – Rock & Roll

Frank Sinatra – Swing

Queen – Glam Rock

Lorette Lynn – Country & Western

Bob Marley – Reggae

On receipt of your selected band/group/performer, you are required to collectively work together to produce an innovative and original printed visual presentation in response to the music, the lyrics and that of your research based upon the life-style of the artist/s.

Within your work, you may wish to use some or all of the lyrics of a particular song/s.  The words should act as a catalyst for your interpretation and creative thinking.  Consider playing the music and draw as you listen, enabling you to visually re-interpret the track/s and explore alternative meaning and suggestion. Your subsequent concepts could be far removed from the original intentions of the song.  Equally, you may elect to research into the life of the artist/s and consider aspects of it for further interpretation.

It should be stressed that careful consideration needs to be given to the integration of words and images within your artwork. However, avoid using portraits of the artist/s – think more laterally.

Ultimately, your collective work may take the form of any of the following contexts,

Artist book



Studio display

In terms of working collaboratively within a group, it should be the collective responsibility of the group to work effectively together and so it is recommended that you organise regular meetings and perhaps assign particular roles to undertake, in which to manage time, decision-making etc., therefore, an exchange of mobile ‘phone numbers and email addresses would be prudent.

Each group may elect to work differently, but this should be determined at the outset by a democratic vote i.e. whether or not to elect an overseeing ‘art director’ or a researcher etc.

It is suggested that a record/register of your group meetings is kept, highlighting individual’s engagement with this brief, ensuring that everyone plays a significant role in these activities.

Ultimately, each individual within the group needs to contribute a body of work of no fewer than five images of which three are selected by means of group critique for submission for one of the final contexts listed above, as determined by the collective decision of the group.”

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