‘Bespoke’ Zombie Love!

Posted in Zombies! on February 3, 2011 by Gniniar

Designs for Zombie Valentines Day cards! Which will be on sale from Cafe Boscanova and Frog Bros. Comics in Boscombe, Bournemouth (UK)! Also if you really want a copy and they’re sold out they’ll be available from me!



Final Outcomes.

Posted in Final Outcomes on May 14, 2010 by Gniniar

Some Images of my final outcomes for the Functions of Illustration unit.

Decorative – the Guitar

Informative – iPod instructions.

Commentary  – Large Hadron Collider

(fro some reason the image currupted on my memory stick – so forgive the dodgy pink/green. Yay memory sticks!)

Flying Machine Net

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For the informative part of the unit i first had the idea of doing some instructions for a ‘create your own’ object, of which i had chosen to do a flying machine.

I made a net up for my design and got my girlfriend to try and assemble it to see how it would work.

The Finished model came out ok, but it was hard to assemble and after a tutorial with Sharon I probably won’t continue with this idea.

Guitar final

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Heres a video of Mike playing my guitar (due to me not actually being able to lay myself…) to show it all working. I’ve also included some images from a quick photo shoot I did of him with the guitar…

MY guitar….. mine….

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Mwuahahah… *lightning*


For the Decorative  function I’ve built my own Steampunk guitar – and I’m quite proud of it. As we have to do a presentation for this project I have got my housemate Mike (who is amazing – and you can see his work here) to come in and play it.

The guitar also has a sound reactive plasma plate built into the body, that reacts nicely with sound.

A video demonstration of the guitar working.

The Steampunk Magazine.

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The Steampunk Magazine has been one of my main sources of research and inspiration for this project, and is available to download on its website.

The Magazine is a collaboration by writers, authers and artists; and features monthly articles on fasion, politics, art and other steamy goodness.

Steampunk Fashion

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